Scaffolding Bleacher

Scaffolding bleacher widely used in variety spaces like stadiums, TV studios and all kinds of multifunctional places with its advantage in space saving.


1, The under structure is made by dia. 50*3 round bar with surface hot- galvanized
2, The deck is hot-galvanized steel structure with 12mm plywood above. The plywood surface is coated with PVC for indoor use and phenolic resina for outdoor use

3, The guardrail is made by welded square bar and flat bar with surface galvanized and powder coated.

4, Step width: 750mm

5, Riser height: 330mm

Safe and endurable

bleacher system has gone through strict and precise calculation and test, and all its metal parts are hot-dip galvanized. It has a good performance in withstanding shock, winds, high and low temperature, wetness, acidity and alkalinity.