SQB305A-CT Square Bolt Circle Truss

In the action of project bulding, we conect circle truss and curved truss with other trussot make different shape structure as expected,like "S"shape,helf cicle truss etc.

truss can be corlorful by andoised finished, black ,red and blue etc.

SQB305A circle truss is made by aluminum plate bolt truss305*305mm,

some kinds of tomas truss popular in Americans.

diameter can be:

SQB305A-CT3m outside diameter 3m ,3*120 arcs ( divided into 3pcs *120 degree)

SQB305A-CT6m outside diameter 6m ,6*60 arcs

SQB305A-CT8m outside diameter 8m, 8*45 arcs

SQB305A-12m outside diameter 12m, 12* 30 arcs