Square truss corner

Sqauretrusscorner use specially for struture. it should be special style to meet different stucture shape, it maily come true to maketrussextend in various direction, it's 90 degree in common. LEDIKA corner are all designed strictly to assure its loading capability not to be effect because of its many welding poits.

there is two way, three ,four way ,five way and so on. can be 30degree ,60degree,90 degree.

For example for squaretruss287*287mm

SQS287-2Z 90 degree two way corner

SQS287-2Z1 two way corner(45/60/120/135 degree)

SQS287-3Z(a/b) 90 degree three way corner, it have a/b different directionSQS287-3Z1 T type corner

SQS287-4Z four way corner

SQS287-4Z1 + type corner

SQS287-5Z five way corner