Layer truss,steel truss, outdoor stage truss

Layer truss

Layer truss ,Main tube is 48.3mm steel tube ,there is 5parts to assemble.different style and size ,they are offen use for the big outdoor event and project.

Normal specification:1*2m/ 1.22*2.44m/2*2m /2.44*2.44m

Scaffoldingtruss, assemble by 5parts:

Layer-P1 adjustable outrigger H350mm/H650MM

Layer-P2 Base stock /collar H330mm

Layer-P3 Pole/scafolding vertical 0.5m/1m/2m

Layer-P4 Beam/scafolding leddger 1.22m/2m/2.44m

Layer-P5 corner beam/Diagonal 2.5m/2.7m/2.83m/31.2